Denis & Rusty's Orange Salmon

Saumon Orange

 Recipe by
 Rusty & Denis

Ingredients :

  • 2, 125 g strips of Salmon Fillet ; Filets de Saumon
  • Orange or Clementine ; Clémentine or Tangerine or Mandarin Orange ; Citrus Reticulata
  • Olive Oil ; Huile de Olive
  • Orange Juice (if needed) ; Jus d'Orange

Preparation :
Select a frying pan just large enough to not allow the Salmon to touch the sides & have a lid for poaching purpose.  Very lightly coat the frying pan with Olive Oil.  Zest the Orange onto a small plate.  Peal the Orange & try to remove as much of the white fibers from the wedges.  Squeeze the juice of the wedges into a bowl or cup & remove any seeds or pulp.
Turn the fire to a medium-low flame & allow pan to get hot.  Place the strips of Salmon in the pan allowing a gap between them & cover.  After 3 minutes, remove the lid & pour the juice evenly over the Salmon.  Cover the pan & continue cooking for 2 minutes.  Spread the zest of Orange evenly on the Salmon & cover again.  Check regularly to see that the juice has not dried completely & add Orange Juice as needed to create a sauce.  Also check regularly for doneness with a fork for the Salmon to break apart freely & flakey with pink throughout with no red meat.  Place each Salmon Fillet on plates & evenly scrape the Orange sauce from the pan over each Fillet.
Enjoy your meal with a nice Dry White Wine.

Note :
For more than 2 persons, more Oranges may be needed.  I find 1 Orange is good for each pair of Fillets being cooked & longer cooking time is necessary when more Fillets are being cooked.

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